911 Public Education

In 2020, the Parker & Lone Tree Communications Center received 18,296 calls on the 911 system. While across the country over 240 million calls are received at 911 centers. Many of these callers are young children who may be frightened and alone. Unfortunately, children are usually unfamiliar with what to do and say once they have reached the 911 center. With the growing need to educate children about using 911, there has been a program created called 911 for Kids, Inc.®

Program Goal

The goal of the Parker & Lone Tree Police Department’s Public Education Program is to teach the citizens of Parker, Lone Tree and areas beyond, the importance of 911 and how to use it effectively. We strive to educate the public about emergency vs. non-emergency phone services. With the continuing advancement of technology, the increased use of cell phones, the availability of optional telephone services like VoIP, text-to-911 and hearing and speech impaired communication services and devices, it is of utmost importance to work with the community to understand how these new technologies work and the pros and cons of these advancements while educating the community on how to handle and report an emergency.


Parker & Lone Tree Communications Center offers FREE public education presentations designed for pre-kindergarten to second grade kids at the Parker Police Department. 

The presentation includes:

  • A group discussion titled “Is This an Emergency?”
  • A 12 minute video titled, “911: Getting Help is Easy” with Cell Phone Sally and her friends shows children how to use different phone technologies to call 911. The video discusses the information needed when calling 911 and the difference between true emergencies and non-emergencies.
  • Each child is given the opportunity to practice calling 911 with our simulator. This allows the child to practice pressing 911 to complete a call, answer questions that would be asked when calling 911 and remaining on the line until told to hang up.
  • Each child is provided information to take home and discuss with their families as well as a goody bag and certificate.
  • A tour of the Communications Center.

We strongly believe in empowering and educating young children in the proper way to use 911-it saves lives. Part of our education efforts include posting photos of these classes and attendees on our social media sites, website and other publications. If you and your child attend this class, you can expect that images from these classes will be posted publicly.

If you have questions about the 911 Public Education program please send us an email.

911 for Kids Classes

Thank you for your interest in our 911 for kids program

Please watch our social media pages and website for upcoming classes.