Parent Tip Tuesday

Parenting isn’t the same as when we were growing up. The world, kids and the dangers they face are constantly changing. Parenting needs to change also. It’s important that we spend time familiarizing ourselves with the new challenges and dangers that our kids face. It is a constant education that will never stop…because the world doesn’t stop changing.

Parent Tip Tuesday is a weekly series where the Parker Police Department talks about an issue involving parents and children. Topics will range from the latest apps and technology to building resiliency in your children. Our goal is to give parents five minutes worth of information every week that is easily digestible and educate them about new issues that they or their children may face.

Please send us an email if you have a question or there is a topic you would like to see included.

Previous topics

Mar. 17 Byte

Mar. 10 Put Down your Phone

Mar. 3 Monkey App

Feb. 25 Recruit Spies

Feb. 18 Play Video Games with your Kids

Feb. 4 Twitch

Jan. 28 Teen Text Slang

Jan. 21 Tik Tok

Jan. 14 Vault apps

Jan. 7 Snapchat

Dec. 17 Virtual Private Networks

Dec. 10 Parental Control and Monitoring Apps