Colorado Life Trak

Colorado Life Trak is a tracking system used by law enforcement departments nationwide to locate adults and children suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, Down Syndrome, Autism and other related disorders who have the tendency to become lost. Those at risk wear a tamper proof wrist- band transmitter that emits a silent radio signal. When the person is reported missing, trained personnel use tracking receivers to locate the signal and recover the person. Colorado Life Trak helps provide peace of mind to caregivers. However, it does not replace the need for supervised care

The Parker Police Department is proud to support the Douglas County Colorado Life Trak program.

You can come in on the last Tuesday of every month to have your battery changed by a member of our trained staff. We can also schedule appointments if the last Tuesday of the month doesn't work with your schedule.

If you have any questions please email Officer Sherry Corcoran.

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