Weekly Crime Report

To see the crimes that have occurred in the Town of Parker, please visit the Community Crime Map online tool. The Parker Police Department has partnered with Nexis/Lexis to give Parker residents a comprehensive map of crime in their communities.

Visiting Community Crime Maps allows you to put in the address, date range or specific crimes that you are looking for.

The Town of Parker reports incidents based on the NIBRS (National Incident Based Reporting System) classifications system when reporting crime statistics in general. Totals are based on charges, not the number of incidents that occurred. It is possible, even likely, that one incident had more than one charge associated with it.

However, when viewing this site, the information is based on incidents and the FBI UCR hierarchy rule, where the most serious crime associated with the incident is the one displayed.

Crime statistics are by nature dynamic, which allows for additions, deletions, and modification at any time. Incident information is based on information in our records management system (RMS) at the time it is provided to CrimeReports.